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2013 Holiday Giftlist [Jul. 2nd, 2013|08:25 pm]
Naughty or Nice, he likes you enough... )
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[Mar. 12th, 2012|09:35 pm]
CR Chart! )
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♪ AC thread tracking [marinasylum] [May. 10th, 2011|12:59 am]
Keeping track of valid tags per month here. Or something.

30 comments Required to pass AC
• No less than two threads even if you have one thread that is 30+.
• No more than five threads.
• Different threads on the same post as long as at least 5 comments come from a thread on a different post.

Read more... )

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♪ fun facts & trivia [Jun. 23rd, 2010|12:25 pm]

Marina: Trivia, misc... )

Misc. Headcanon... )
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♪ how's my driving? [Dec. 3rd, 2009|01:12 am]
[Tags|, ]

ask 'em right here, baby.
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♪ MARINA ASYLUM - [ TYKI MIKK ] d.gray-man [Aug. 7th, 2009|02:42 am]

art care of the web.
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